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Add translation

You can insert new terms and/or add to existing entries with definitions, synonyms or other additional information.

Check & Approve

Guest Users can suggest or request a translation of a term. This type of entry is highlighted by "*??" to indicate that it may not be correct/requires approval.
You can approve the suggestions of Guest Users or insert your translation directly for those languages designated as your area of competence.


Not every search produces a positive result... Sometimes the word searched is not yet present in the dictionary or has been entered incorrectly, or else belongs to a form of word already entered into the dictionary (e.g. in its feminine or plural forms).
In these cases, where there is no retrieval (WORD NOT FOUND), it is possible to insert the term, or add complimentary information to make available other forms of the word (e.g. plural, feminine forms, commonly-made mistakes, synonyms, etc.) In this way, you are helping to ensure a successful search of that word in the future.

Report bugs

Errare humanum est
"Report bugs" enables you:
  • To flag that a correction to a translation is necessary but you do not have the authorisation to make the change yourself;
  • To unite or "clean-up" different lemmas that have the same meaning

To alert some malfunction or propose new options/functionality, please write to us at Contact Us

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